Sunday, August 19, 2012

Pot Pie Cupcakes

 We've been lucky enough to have a bit of a Mini-Autumn here, lately. It's been wonderful and Fall means cozy food, music, drinks and crafts.

I decided I wanted to make cupcake style pot pies and found this recipe.

I decided that since we didn't have ALL the stuff, I'd use it as a springboard and wing it.
 I used Cream of Mushroom soup instead since my Sissy is a vegetarian, and canned veggies (corn, potatoes and peas) in place of the frozen ones.
I also chose to go the route of Bisquick biscuit mix instead of canned biscuits.

They turned out AWESOME!

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Way Things Are and Why It's Okay #2

It's time for the second edition of


Feel free to play along, if you'd like.
(This is Sue, I love this kitty)

THE WAY THINGS ARE is that they actually aren't.
In that, I mean, My life is at a standstill right now. Waiting is the worst. But waiting to move forward is a tragedy. I can't obviously divulge the detail of why I'm in this standstill but it had nothing to do with the desire in my heart to move forward. All the problems I had last week are still here this week and really the only things that's different is that I have even less money and even more time on my hands.
School starts the 22nd and I'm a little glad. My kids need to enjoy that part of their childhood. We need the schedule that school provides and it will give me time to focus on remedying the situation I'm in. But, I'm concerned because this is depressing me.
I'm prone to wallow. I don't wallow, but it's my natural response.
I can't help it.
I force myself not to, but here we are... and I just want to sleep.
Do you know

It's okay because some nice, simple things that happened reminded me that I have more than this mess.

Obviously, my kids remind me every single day, but, I had a dear friend check on me this weekend. He's the kind of friend that is rare. His intentions are always sincere. It's nice having someone like that in my corner.
It's also okay because I am learning every single day that I am okay. I AM O-KAY! And I will be okay and I am strong and determined and I have made my way through each obstacle. I can keep going. I have to and I am becoming better for it.

That's not to say I'm not hurting a little. But a little hurt is okay. It reminds us that life is all things. Not just easy things.
(this was a concept taken from a fellow blogger that I used to participate in years back, so while the concept is not mine, it is something I feel strongly about doing. I'd love to hear your stories too!)

Friday, August 17, 2012

I'm Proud of My Size, Link Up #2

Hello Friends, and Visitors from The Nearsighted Owl.
I'm not going to lie. I had a relapse.
I nearly didn't post any photos this week.
I saw this full length shot and was like...

A literal, "Ugh".

I like my hair.
I like my Mickey Sweatshirt with the awesome pockets.
I even like my makeup and cut-off shorts.
 I like my shoes with the holes in the side panel.
I like being a total slouch sometimes.

I guess sometimes, I project onto my self esteem the fact that I am being lazy when I get dressed.
Do you do that? My problem with the full body shot isn't my body, it's that I am being a slob.

It's worse in life. Trust me.
So, I posted them.
Because this is me. Messy, happy, curly haired, busy, slob, weekending, me.
I'm a size 11 and I love my Mickey Shirt.
...and all the things that make me, ME

The weirdest part is I have gotten hit on more in this outfit than any other. People LOVE this shirt. And I have kissed a sincerely lovely man in the sweatshirt. So there's that.

It's all about confidence. My dear friend always says "With those eyes and confidence the world will love you!"
Wanna Read MORE or LINK UP?

Right HERE

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bread... From Space

 So, Here I am, just under a month till I'm 28 and I have NEVER used a bread machine till now.
I'm literally in awe of how easy this is.
I kept saying "Space Age Technology, for sure!"
 No Kneeding.
No Mixing.
No Shaping.
 It's no replacement for making a loaf, start to finish, all the effort, all the nostalgia of it, but... it was cool.
And it tasted yummy!

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Look What Came in the Post! #2

I mentioned in my last "Look What Came in the Post" Post that I am a closet goth. This is at least in that vein. I love sweet, little cameos anyway, but that it's a skeleton profile meant I had to have it.
It wasn't even a huge splurge.
I love Etsy for that!
 I usually only buy large rings but this is one of two daintier ones I recently purchased.
(I'm still waiting on the tiny bluebird ring to arrive)
I actually found this in the "Classy and Fabulous" Shop ForeverFierce, on Etsy.
 Here's the Listing, You just specify the color combo you want, and at $6.00 I can justify buying them for my 2 girls to wear!

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My Vinyl Life #2

My Vinyl Life
Live Albums
The Decemberists, We All Raise Our Voices to the Air
My heart cries a little when I play this record.
I bought tickets for their last tour. heart beaming, hope ensuing, absolute joy... those all come to mind, when recalling. Then my car broke down. And not just broke down, but the engine blew up and I was carless a week before the concert, and no way of getting to the show.
I was angry, hurt, bitter, sad.
I still am a little.

The worst part was, when they came back through close to the end of the tour, someone offered me a ride and a free ticket! Joy! Rapture! But I couldn't bare going without my sis... so I declined... and had a bit of a sulk.
 They're on infinite hiatus, now, you know. So, I'll never see them.

Life sucks like that sometimes. But, When I saw this was coming out I put the money aside to buy it.
tri-fold, covered in photos from the tour, and one of my favorite record to listen to all the way through...

It's sad, because I wish I could have been there, but it's sweet because I close my eyes and I would swear, the way only vinyl can capture something, you can hear the energy, feel it.
The Mariners Revenge is one of my favorite songs, but really, all these songs are incredible. Really amazing, storytelling songs. You should get this on vinyl... but at the very least get the MP3 versions.
No, Scratch that. Just get the Vinyl.

The Who, Live at Leeds

I love The Who.
That's an understatement. And this is a great album!
It pretty much speaks for itself but I smile a lot when I play this. 

Like all The Who's music it is very Summer time. So, this, and a Greatest Hits cassette from them, have been getting a lot of play this season! It feels good.

I don't have some deep story, I just, found this at Omega Music in Dayton Ohio (my most frequently visited record shop) in the clearance section for 50cents.


It came home with me. And I'm very happy!

I love Substitute on that Album
...and on the cassette, Squeezebox

Live Albums are a lot of fun. Listening to a Live Record is perfect for vinyl since you just drop the needle and take the trip.

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

What LYDIA Wore

 My 7 year old (nearly 8, mind you) is way, WAY, cooler than me.
She wanted to do one of those "What I Wore" blog posts... and this outfit, is a great one for it. 
YAY Vintage and YAY thrifting!
 Hat : Handmade, Honeycomb Beanie (By my amazing sister)
Shirt : Thrifted, Charlotte Russe
Skirt : Vintage, Thrifted
Shoes : NONE, cause it's Summer, obviously

That awesome accessory is Keek-A-La-Squeek, one of our barn kitties.
Geeze, I love her.

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